Monday, October 12, 2009

baby thomas

i had the pleasure of photographing the birth of baby thomas early this morning. needless to say, my own kids and i are having a lazy, pajama-clad day. it was such a blessing to do this. and i definitely cried.coaching & supporting his love.
welcome to the world, thomas james!

checking out their baby boy.
sweet little face.
now a family of three.
sweet baby.
auntie jackie and mama.
mama and me (i made it into a 2:30am.)
alex holding thomas, bill, jackie, and the doctor


Byor said...

Much happiness, love, health and everything good to your new family. So happy for you.

Yvette said...

Congratulatinos on your new addition to your family. Enjoy him as much as possible, time will fly by quickly. :-)

Alexandra said...

Krista they really turned out beautiful!! Thank you so much for driving out at 2am for this!!!

Jessica said...

Beautiful Photos, Beautiful Family!

Naomi said...

What amazing pics! Congrats agian! Beautiful... =)