Thursday, April 03, 2008

photo contest

A few months back (or more...time seems to be melding together) my friend Alex sent me a link for a photo contest through Kolo (they make scrapbooks and other photo storage items, so of course I love them). I entered and then promptly forgot about it. I got an email a week ago or so telling me to check out the winners, which I did, and didn't see myself there. I didn't think about it again until today when the UPS man brought me a package from Kolo. I thought, hmm, I'm sure I didn't order anything from them. I opened it up and saw this letter (sorry if it's blurry, I took a photo of it without the flash and it's super gloomy outside so my house isn't so bright):
So I went back to the website and saw that there were prizes for the runners up, which I missed last time I checked out the winners! Here's the link. And a photo of what I won (a large album, a small album, a photo CD album, and a beautiful photo box that will probably hold baby #2's mementos):
Thanks for sending that link, Alex!! So to date, my photo contest winnings include these Kolo items, a 50-print photo card from Snapfish, and a photo in the Duke HR 2008 calendar + $25 to Harris Teeter (love free groceries), plus two first prizes at the Alameda County Fair from back in high school. Not too shabby, I think! :)